Vid Show

Welcome to the third edition of The Ineffable Con Vidshow! 😀
We’re looking for all your Good Omens videos to make it a great one.

You don’t have to be attending the convention to submit a video (although we really hope to see you there!) and we will be accepting both vids that are already online and vids for premiering at the con. We strive for as much variety as feasible, so traditional songvids, short video essays, crack vids, pre-show fan trailers, animatics, dubbed comics, or whatever you come up with… they’re all welcomed!
Don’t be shy and send your works our way. We would like to discover as many new vidders as possible.

Some general guidelines:

  • The length of the video should ideally be under 3:30 minutes, so we can include as many vids as possible and keep the show dynamic.


  • Every vidder can submit up to five vids (a team counts as a unique vidder), although depending on the number of vidders and vids we receive we might not be able to include more than one vid per vidder.


  • Please submit your vid as high-resolution and high-quality as you are able (the minimum resolution should be 720p). We can work with most formats but prefer reasonably common and reliable ones (e.g. .mp4, .mov, .avi). A resolution of 1080p and 25fps are preferred if using the TV show as source material.


  • We would prefer vids to be sent through a file sharing service (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Wetransfer) in the highest possible quality. If that’s not possible, you can submit a YouTube link.


  • We might be making special mentions on the following categories:


    » “I’m Soft” for the most romantic and tender vids,
    » “Welcome to the Crack!vid times” for the funny ones,
    » “Let’s dance (on the head of a pin)!” for energetic/upbeat videos,
    » “Sauntering vaguely angstwards” for the most dramatic/angsty,
    » And “At the beginning…” for videos premiering at the con.

    So make sure to select the one that better applies to your vid in the submission form.

  • If your vid includes any kind of mature or NSFW content, please mark it as such in the form.


  • We would like to encourage vidders to send us your videos before the 1st September, so we can have enough time to put the vidshow together and include as many vids as possible, but the final deadline is September 22nd.


  • Exceptions to most of these guidelines (e.g. duration, vids/vidder, resolution, etc.) could be made depending on the circumstances, so if in doubt, submit your work anyway. But chances are that if your video doesn’t adhere to these criteria, it might not get included in the vidshow.


Video duration: under 3:30 minutes
Vids admitted per vidder: up to 5
Ideal format and resolution: mp4, 1080p, 25fps
Send by: link to Drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer or similar.
Deadline: 22nd September 2021 (but the sooner the better!)

We are looking forward to seeing all your contributions!

Vid Submission Form

Please submit a new form for each vid.