This is the provisional programme for The Ineffable Con 3, and is subject to change.

Slots marked as On hold are reserved for specific items. If you would like to run an item in one of the Available slots, you can submit a programme item using our form.


Time (BST)
19:00Opening Ceremony

Rachael and Bethany
20:00On hold
21:00House of Games

Rachael and Bethany
22:00Games in the Lounge


Time (BST)
10:00It’s Sushi; It’s Nice: Your Guide to All Things Sushi

GO2: Speculation Time!

Julia (OfficialJuul2)
Baking with Aziraphale

11:00On holdOn holdOn hold
12:00How to enhance your life with witchcraft… if you aren’t actually a witch

Pamela Styles
To Trope or Not to Trope

Only Connect

Rachael and Bethany
Rachael and Bethany

(13:45) 7 Days on Earth: A Good Omens Visual Novel
The Mortifying Ordeal of Being Known – How Fanfiction Impacts our Psychology

Nina, Pamela, Tracey, Jenn, Salva and Oniria
On hold

14:00Alpha Centauri

Tartan is Stylish: A history of tartan

Mimi Feles
On hold
15:00Angel and Demon Magick in Good Omens

Navy Bird
Heroes of Paradis: A DnD x GO Fan Game

CandyQueen and Vivi
Ineffable Asexuality: Ace Discourse Across Source Material and Fandom

Caspian and Stan (@EndlessOmens)
16:00Supporting Artists in the Fandom

Kirsty and Ahki
6000 Years! A guide to historical research for creative purposes

The Science of Angels and Demons

Jennifer M. Rampling
17:00Ella WolfnothElla WolfnothElla Wolfnoth
18:00Fanfiction 101

AJ Constantine
From Apps to Zines

Caspian and Claude
On hold
19:00On holdOn holdOn hold
20:00Cosplay Competition

Cosplay Team
Cosplay Competition

Cosplay Team
Cosplay Competition

Cosplay Team

Pamela Styles

Pamela Styles

Pamela Styles
22:00Games in the LoungeGames in the LoungeGames in the Lounge


Time (BST)
Writing Slow Burn Romance: Notetaking from Jane Austen

Az (@angelsnuffbox) and Stef
11:00House of Games

Rachael and Bethany
Animating a Fanfic

On hold
12:00Getting Ready as Crowley

Banana Custard
NSFW: Dead Dove Media and Fanfiction

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

Madison May
13:00An Intro to Smut Writing

On holdOn hold
14:00On holdOn holdOn hold
15:00Be Not Afraid: A summary of angels and demons

Banana Custard, Ineffable Marten (Daria), Obliquity (Laura) and Valerie Kaplan
Creating a Rewarding Beta Relationship

Allie (ZA Dusk) and Mira Woros
Anyone Can Draw Good Omens – Again!

16:00Choosing Your Face Wisely: Using your fandom persona to find your distinctive aesthetic and give your creative works direction

Alice Rovai, Copper Beech and Miel Petite
Draw-Along and Q&A with the Fellowship of the (Draw)ring

Cliopadra (Rafael), Gam (Owlygem), Gingerhaole, Goosetooths, Ivy (khiroptera), Lilpy, Lonicera, Tweedfeather and Whiteley
On hold
17:00Peter AndersonPeter AndersonPeter Anderson
18:00Closing Ceremony

Rachael and Bethany
Closing Ceremony

Rachael and Bethany
Closing Ceremony

Rachael and Bethany