The Mortifying Ordeal of Being Known – How Fanfiction Impacts our Psychology


Session Details

This panel is about how fanfiction impacts our overall thought process: How we connect to ourselves and each other through it,
how it helps us in times of crisis – and how especially fanfiction in the Good Omens fandom can be a force for good.
We will talk about:
– Finding solace in fanfiction while we are facing struggles and hardships
– The unique relationship between fanfic writers and their readers.
– The importance of tagging and understanding triggers
– Feeling represented in and learning more about your personal identity through fanfiction
– The psychological impact of fanfiction in other mediums: How art based on fanfic underscores meaning, how podfics can deepen our understanding.- Finding a sense of community through fanfiction

Please note: NSFW fanfiction will be mentioned, but there will be no explicit details.