We have a truly ineffable list of guests lined up to chat to us at The Ineffable Con 2!

Paul Adeyefa

Paul Adeyefa, Actor

Paul Adeyefa studied at the University of Cambridge, where he performed frequently in student productions. Paul has recently played Demetrius in the Bridge Theatre’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and featured in three of the six episodes of Good Omens as the Disposable Demon.

Claire Anderson, Costume Designer

Claire Anderson’s costumes for Good Omens were Emmy nominated for the Outstanding Sci/Fi Costume Award. In a 2019 BBC interview, Claire shared that Madame Tracy’s was her favourite outfit: “I loved teaming her orange Welsh tartan cape with sumptuous pink leather gloves. Her look is exotic and intriguing.”

Peter Anderson Studio, Art Design Consultancy and Motion

Peter Anderson Studio have been evolving and challenging existing systems of language and perception since 1996. The studio describes their creation of the Good Omens title sequence as “a brilliantly bonkers concoction of illustration, physical props, character animation, 3D and live action”.

David Arnold, Composer

As well as scoring Good Omens, David Arnold is best known for scoring five James Bond films, as well as Stargate and Independence Day, as well as the TV series Sherlock. David has won an Emmy, a Grammy and two Ivor Novello awards, as well as a BAFTA nomination.

Marc Burrows, Writer

Marc Burrows is a London-based writer, stand-up comic and musician, writing regularly for The Guardian, Observer, Drowned in Sound, The Quietus and more. His new book The Magic of Terry Pratchett is the first full biography of Sir Terry Pratchett.

The Chattering Order of St. Beryl

Pulled from the pages of Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s novel-turned-series Good Omens, The Chattering Order of St. Beryl are an order of nuns dedicated to emulating Christian martyr St. Beryl of Krakow, and whose members are commanded to chatter, natter, and rabbit about every last little thing that comes into their heads for every second of every waking hour. Except of course on Tuesday afternoons, for half an hour, when the nuns are permitted to shut up and, if they wish, to play table tennis.

Amy Engelhardt - Mother Superior
Alyssa Jackson - Sister Mary Loquacious
Aviva Pressman - Sister Grace Voluble
Rena Strober - Sister Maria Verbose
Maureen Davis - Sister Katherine Prolix
Amanda Aachen - Sister Judy Palaverous

Neil Gaiman, Writer and Showrunner

Neil Gaiman is a prolific author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, nonfiction, audio theatre and films. Good Omens, written in collaboration with Sir Terry Pratchett, was published in 1990, adapted for radio under Neil and Sir Terry’s guidance in 2014 and launched as a miniseries in 2019.

Douglas Mackinnon, Director

Douglas Mackinnon is a renowned director, known for Doctor Who, Sherlock and Good Omens. Douglas is a graduate of the National Film and Television School and has been nominated for and won many awards, including Hugo Awards, Broadcast Awards and BAFTA Scotland Awards.

Mary, the Bentley, and Jeremy Marshall-Roberts, Owner

Mary is a 1934 Derby Coupe by Thrupp and Maberley and is believed to be the only Thrupp and Maberley Coupe left in existence. She has a 3½ litre straight six engine with a four speed gear box and averages 19 miles per gallon. Jeremy was a popular guest at The Ineffable Con in 2019 and we're delighted to welcome him back.

Rob Wilkins, Executive Producer

Rob Wilkins is Sir Terry Pratchett’s assistant, business manager and friend; Sir Terry’s “representative on Earth”, as Neil Gaiman once said. Rob manages the Pratchett estate and is the Managing Director of Narrativa, the independent production company launched by Sir Terry in 2012.

Please note that all guest appearances are subject to commitments.