Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Ineffable Con?

The Ineffable Con is a not-for-profit convention run by and for fans of the Good Omens book and series. It is staffed completely by volunteers. Membership fees and any money raised during the event go towards running the convention, with any remainder donated to Alzheimer's Research UK in memory of Sir Terry Pratchett.

What is shipping and is this a ship convention?

Shipping - from 'relationship' - is the imagining of a romantic relationship between two characters (a 'ship'). Activity in Good Omens fandom is largely centred on the Aziraphale/Crowley ship. This is also the main interest of the organisers, so it's a fair bet that it will occupy a significant chunk of the convention! You're not required to be a shipper, but you should be comfortable with the premise if you're attending the convention as you will encounter it.

Who is running The Ineffable Con?

The convention is run entirely by fans, for fans. You can find out more about the organisers on the About Us page. Note that we are an unofficial convention with no connection whatsoever to the BBC, Amazon Prime or Neil Gaiman.

When/where is The Ineffable Con 2?

The Ineffable Con 2 will take place entirely online from Friday, October 16th to Sunday, October 18th 2020.

Why those dates?

In Good Omens, the Earth celebrates its birthday on October 21st, so we are choosing to celebrate on one of the closest weekends.

What time will The Ineffable Con start and end?

The convention will start at 7pm BST on Friday 16th October. The closing ceremony is at 6pm BST on Sunday, 18th October.

What time zone will the convention be held in?

The Ineffable Con is a UK convention, so our schedule will broadly follow sociable hours in the UK. However, we are certainly open to events being scheduled at all hours, if there are volunteers to run them! All talks and panels will be recorded and available on demand throughout the event and for 30 days afterwards, if you want to catch up on anything that happened while you were asleep.

Will The Ineffable Con move to a physical convention if coronavirus restrictions are lifted?

The 2020 convention has been designed specifically to take place online and will be a virtual convention even if mass gatherings are permitted in October. Although we went virtual by necessity, we are excited by the prospect of including people who would not normally be able to travel to the UK for a convention.

Where is my data being held?

We are using the Accelevents virtual event platform for the convention; registration for the convention is done through their systems. You can read their privacy policy for information on how your data is handled. In addition, data will be downloaded by The Ineffable Con 2 staff; you can read full details of our Privacy Policy for more details.

Do I have to download any software?

We recommend an up-to-date version of the Google Chrome browser for the best experience at the convention. All panels and exhibitor booths will be accessed through your web browser. If you want to take part in informal interactive activities with other convention members, you will need the Zoom desktop client or mobile app, version 5.3.0 or higher.

Is there a limit on the number of places for the convention?

Unlike a physical convention, we don't have limited space, so The Ineffable Con 2 will not sell out (unlike last year, which sold out months in advance!). You might see messages about limited availability if you don't complete the checkout process in the allocated time; these are displayed by our event hosting provider, Accelevents, and unfortunately we can't remove them. But don't worry, there is plenty of space!

Do I have to have a webcam?

If you are just attending, you do not need to have a webcam; you can choose to interact with other members via text chat, or voice, or not at all. If you are speaking on a panel, we ask that you use a webcam in order to assist members who rely on lip-reading, but this is not compulsory. If you choose to take place in informal chat and games through our Zoom room, you can choose whether or not you appear on camera. Many people choose to interact via voice or text only if they are uncomfortable appearing on screen.

Why do I have to be over 13?

UK law prohibits us from taking personal data from anyone under the age of 13 without a parent or guardian's permission. If you are under 13, you can ask a parent or guardian to register on your behalf.

Can I share a membership with my friend or family member?

Since the convention is taking place online, anyone sharing a computer to access the event only needs one membership. You only need to purchase separate memberships if you wish to use separate devices simultaneously, or wish to participate in the live chat features privately.

What is there to do at The Ineffable Con 2?

We are doing our best to replicate the physical convention experience as much as possible. This means a full schedule of talks and panels with opportunities to interact with the speakers, a vid show, quiz and cosplay contest, as well as an art show and dealers' room. We will also have a convention lounge where you can chat with other convention members. Keep an eye on our Programming page, which will be updated as the event gets closer.

Can I ask questions during talks?

During talks and panels, you will be able to participate in live text chat with other audience members and also pose questions by text directly to the speaker(s), all from within your browser.

Will the convention have subtitles?

Our goal is to make the convention as accessible as possible, but we are on a limited budget. We have tested some automated live captioning services and found they are not accurate enough to increase accessibility, so we are paying professional live stenographers to caption some sessions. Unfortunately, our budget will not stretch to doing this for every session, so we are prioritising our special guests. All of our special guest talks, as well as any sessions for which we are able to obtain a transcript in advance, will be subtitled. All other panels are being transcribed on a volunteer basis. If you are able to assist with transcription, please get in touch!

Why do you call it a membership?

In common with other fan-run conventions, The Ineffable Con is not a show that you buy a ticket to; it's an event put together by a community of passionate fans. When you join, you become part of the convention and have the opportunity to make it yours! The Ineffable Con is entirely run by volunteers and we rely on some members volunteering their time in order to make the whole event run smoothly.

I can only attend on one day. Are there day tickets to The Ineffable Con 2?

The Ineffable Con 2 has a flat fee covering all three days of the convention. All of the talks and panels during the event will be available to stream once they have happened, so you will have access to the entire convention, even if you can only attend part of it.

I'm interested in coming to The Ineffable Con 2 but I don't know anyone

The great thing about a niche convention like this is that you have something very specific in common with everyone there! As this is a virtual convention, you can attend from the comfort of your own home and it's entirely up to you whether you watch as a passive observer or join in with discussions and games. If you would like to join in but are nervous, we recommend volunteering at the convention, which you can do by ticking the box on your membership form or emailing us; this gives you a specific job to do and a reason to talk to people.

Are my credit card details safe with you?

All of our credit card handling is done by Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Your credit card details are never stored on or even seen by our servers or those of our hosting partners Accelevents.

How can I volunteer to help at the convention?

Check out our Get Involved page to find out more information about how to participate in the convention as a volunteer, panellist, or to submit work to our art show or vid show.

I have applied to be a volunteer. What is it and what’s involved?

If you’ve offered to be a volunteer, we’ll ask you to commit to a short amount of time when you can help us with a number of tasks. A full programme schedule will be available before we ask you to commit to a slot, so you can check you won’t be volunteering during any panels you particularly want to attend. Volunteers will typically be checking that speakers have arrived and are set up ready for panels and moderating the live chat.

I have an idea for a panel. Can I send it to you?

Yes, we welcome panel ideas! There is space on the registration form to list ideas, and you can also email them to us.

If my panel idea goes into the programme, do I have to run it?

It’s up to you. We know that not everyone is comfortable running a panel, so it’s fine if you prefer not to.

I have applied to be a Panelist. What’s involved?

Running a panel involves directing a discussion on one of the topics chosen by members. We ask for panelists in advance, so that members can choose which panel topic they’d like to run, and to give them time to prepare for it. You don’t have to be super-organized in advance, but it’s helpful if you run one with some knowledge of the topic and a few questions you’d like to pose. We’ll be giving panelists a handout with useful tips on how best to run a panel.

I’d like to submit a vid. Do I have to be a member?

No, we’ll accept vids from non-members too! You’ll find everything you need to know about how to submit your vid on the Vid Show page.

How does a virtual art show work?

The convention will feature a virtual exhibit hall, where exhibitors each have a "booth." You will be able to set up your booth in advance, and it can include video, images, and links to your website or store on another site. When you're at your booth, you can mark yourself as available and chat live with any visitors. You can also go live on video, if you want to carry out any demos or talk directly to booth visitors. See the Art Show page for more details.

Can I show explicit adult art in my booth?

We are absolutely fine with adult work, but there will be under 18s present at the event, as well as adults who prefer not to see explicit content. We therefore ask that any booths containing explicit material are clearly marked as adult, and that explicit content is not included in the logo visible on the main exhibition page. If you have a mixture of non-explicit and adult content, get in touch with us and we can set up a second booth for you at no extra charge so that you can display the works separately if you prefer.

Can I advertise my website or fan project?

Absolutely! Anyone can purchase a virtual booth in the exhibit hall, which can feature video, images, downloadable files and links to external sites. You can chat with visitors to your booth and host live interactive sessions. More information is available on the Art Show page.

What is cosplay?

Cosplay is the act of dressing up in costume. Cosplayers generally come as a character from the book or show. While members can cosplay at any time, Saturday evening is when we hold a cosplay contest.

How does the cosplay contest work?

We will ask anyone participating in the cosplay contest to submit a photograph prior to the event. There will then be an opportunity to vote and the top five will be invited to show off their costumes in more detail and/or talk about them at a live event (if they want to) prior to the final voting.

If I wear a costume, do I have to enter the cosplay contest?

You don’t have to enter the cosplay contest if you’d prefer not to.

Do I have to cosplay at the convention?

No, cosplaying is entirely optional.