Awake The Snake

TIC2 Scavenger Hunt: Awake The Snake

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Type: Game
Location: Online
Awake the Snake is an online scavenger hunt created for The Ineffable Con 2

Welcome to The Ineffable Con 2’s Online Scavenger Hunt!

  • You can play the game alone or in a team. If you’re playing with a remote team, we recommend that one person registers and uses a video conference tool to communicate, with the registered player sharing their screen.
  • You may find a pen and paper useful for solving some of the puzzles. They are all self-contained, so you do not need to save any of the clues.
  • You can stop and come back at any time, but your completion time will be recorded from when you first started.
  • Where possible, we have tried to make puzzles accessible to screenreaders, but some are, by necessity, image-based, so at least one team member will need to not rely on a screenreader.
  • The recommended browser is Google Chrome, but the game should work on any modern browser. If you encounter any technical difficulties, please get in touch with us at

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