Cards Against Armageddon

Cards Against Armageddon

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Type: Game
Location: Online
Our Cards Against Armageddon game is a Good Omens themed version of the popular Cards Against Humanity, developed for The Ineffable Con in 2019. We have a downloadable print-at-home version, and have also made it available to play online.

Cards Against Armageddon is a game created for The Ineffable Con in 2019. We’ve made it freely available so that anyone can play it, either in person or online.

Please be aware this game has adult content, although it’s pretty tame compared to the original Cards Against Humanity.

To play in person, here are some sets of cards you can print off at home or send to a print shop:

To play online, please follow these instructions (note we have no connection to the hosting website, we just uploaded a deck of cards):

  • Go to this website and log in. If you’re new to the site, you can enter a new username, and a password is optional.
  • Click on ‘New Game’
  • Click ‘Private Game’ (unless you’re happy for random people to join)
  • Enter a game name (and password for a private game)
  • An ‘Easy Join Game Link’ will appear. Click on ‘Copy’ to copy it to your clipboard. Note you can also access this from the link on the left.
  • Underneath ‘Settings’, click on ‘Decks’, and then the ‘Browse’ option at the bottom.
  • In the search field at the top left, enter ‘CAArmageddon’. A deck will appear with the name theineffablecon. Select it and tick ‘use deck’ at the top.
  • Return to the ‘Current Game’ tab at the top of the page. The CAArmageddon deck should now appear at the bottom of the list. You can untick all the others (or leave them in, if you want to mix it up).
  • Under ‘settings’ you can change any parameters of the game (how many cards to win, etc.). The defaults are fine but you can change them if you like.
  • Click on ‘Start Game’ and send your players the easy join game link to begin.
  • Have fun!